Lady Amber L.A.J.S


True Talent


Sole Proprietor. CEO. Clinical  UK trained Herbalist. Nutritional Consultant. Health and Wellness Coach.

Lady Amber runs her exquisite tiny health shop and herbal tea bar, as well as the fascinating S.A.G.E Shack clothes store. She has studied in her home land, England and Austria the art of natural healing alongside great and ingenious talent. She was fortunate and privileged to have learnt skilled homeopathic medicines and recaptured an essence of Swiss Dr Vogel's techniques through his lifelong student, Jan De Vries.  Jan De Vries first met Amber when he treated her in the exclusive, Hale Clinic in Harley Steet London, opened by HRH the Prince of Wales. Lady Amber extended her talents and teachings to the USA on her own quest for survival, the path has been of infinite challenging events leading to this preparation of opportunistic growth throughout her business, body, mind and spirit.


Quality Assurance Manager

The Posh Collection by Lady Amber
Posh products aspire to unrelenting passion, delirious drive, fast falling from the elaboration of nature's abundance. Each uniqueness bathed in collective rich intensities of ripe enthusiasm. Molded and mastered from prime quality, viable ingredients, each seek to be the very best. Posh products are complex, a refined Art craft, studiously evolving, strong and determined as "dandelions grown through concrete."